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In the spirit of St. Mark's Street, Murrays Cheese has taken a beloved traditional cheese and given it an avante garde spin. This complex, unctuous cheese is fragilethey keep it safe in a little red terra cotta crock. So cute. Plus, the crock helps St. Mark's double as a perfect, personal fondue. Top with some fig jam and walnutsor be a purist and leave it as isand pop the cheese in the oven for a few minutes. It will get oozy, melty, and glorious. Scoop up the creamy goodness with crusty bread for the perfect fall/winter treat.

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Size: 80 GR
Country of Origin:
United States of America
Murray's Cheese
Founded in 1940 by Murray Greenberg, Murray’s is proud to be a Greenwich Village-based business and part of the neighborhood’s rich food history. The main thing that makes Murray’s special is their passion for cheese.  Rob Kaufelt bought the store in the early 90s and began... Learn more about Murray's Cheese
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Murray's St. Mark's Cheese

80 GR
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Murray's St. Mark's Cheese

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