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The flour gets its name from Manitoba, the south-western province of Canada where the production of this particular traditionally came from. Used mainly in 0 form, that is, without bran and with a very fine grinding, the manitoba flour is used for long period leavening doughs. This allows the dough to leaven from 10 to 24 hours, without deflating or losing consistency. The manitoba flour is one of the ingredients used for the production of special bread, like the French baguette, slow leavening pizza and particular food products. The ideal pastry making base for slow leavening desserts.

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Size: 25 KG
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Caputo Flour
Since 1924, we have skillfully selected and mixed the best quality wheat following the tradition of the ancient art of milling. We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity and unlike many other mills, we grind our wheat slowly to preserve the starch, protein content, and natural flavor. We... Learn more about Caputo Flour
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Manitoba "0" Flour

25 KG
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