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At Little Leaf Farms, we believe there is a better way. That’s why our founder, Paul Sellew, worked to create a product that was sustainable, environmentally friendly, and most importantly grown here in Massachusetts. Little Leaf Farms is the most sophisticated lettuce-growing greenhouse in New England, which guarantees year-round freshness from our farm to your table.

Paul spent years developing an environmentally-friendly and sustainable growing system. Our hydroponic greenhouse relies on captured rainwater and renewable energy sources, which keeps costs down without sacrificing quality. Our baby lettuces are only within a day’s drive, further reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that Little Leaf produce is the best tasting and freshest. We use a hands-free production system that means our crops are Clean From the Start — free of GMOs, chemical pesticides, and other harmful pathogens.

We’re proud to bring you the freshest, most nutritious, and best-tasting baby greens on the shelves, straight from our family to yours. 

Little Leaf Farms


Little Leaf Farms is very proud to supply Baldor with our baby lettuce product. We grow the best tasting freshest lettuce year-round at our state of the art greenhouse and Baldor only sells the best products. A natural partnership!"

Paul Sellew, Owner


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