Hummingbird Dream , Costa Rica

Hummingbird Dreamâ„¢ - A pineapple like no other. Unique sweet pink pineapple.

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About Hummingbird Dream

Hummingbird Dream™ Pineapple is a premium pink pineapple grown in a select farm in Costa Rica. The climate and soil in Costa Rica are ideal for growing pineapples. Hummingbird Dream™ pineapple’s pink color is due to higher level of lycopene, similar to the levels found in tomatoes and watermelon. This product was made possible through bioengineering.
Availability of Hummingbird Dream™ pineapple is extremely limited at the moment and is only available through Baldor Foods.

Hummingbird Dream

"We are so excited to bring this one of a kind Hummingbird Dream™ Premium Pink Pineapple to consumers. We are confident, that innovative chefs and mixologists will really enjoy getting creative with the Hummingbird Dream™ pineapple, and it will soon become a sought-after ingredient and garnish for its unique color and amazing flavor profile."

Dionysios Christou


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