You're Getting Warmer!

You're Getting Warmer!

Baldor Editors Oct 27 , 2017

Everyone knows that temperature is the single most important factor in maintaining produce quality and maximizing shelf life. For some items, every 10 degree temperature increase can cut shelf life in half. But, how well do you really know the optimal storage temps for different fruits and vegetables? TAKE THIS QUIZ TO TEST YOUR EXPERTISE!

Quiz Answers

Apples: C, Artichokes: C, Basil: A, Beets: D, Broccoli: D, Cantaloupes: B, Cauliflower: C, Grapefruits: A, Honeydews: A,  Microgreens: D, Mushrooms: D, Oranges: A, Parsley: D, Pears: C, Squash: A,

Turnips: C.    

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