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 FONIO: The Newest Ancient Gluten-Free Grain from Yolélé

FONIO: The Newest Ancient Gluten-Free Grain from Yolélé

Yolélé Team Sep 5 , 2018

Yolélé, co-founded by Senegalese Chef Pierre Thiam, is thrilled to introduce the ancient African grain fonio to cooks and diners in the United States.


But, what exactly is fonio, you ask?

Let us tell you a little more about fonio, and why you will love it…

          - Fonio has a light and slightly nutty taste. It takes on flavors and spices well and is so easy to cook. There is a saying in Mali: “fonio never embarrasses the cook.” You can play around with it until you get it just how you like it!

          - Fonio (digitaria exilis) is a tiny but mighty grain. It more than quadruples in size when cooked and looks a lot like couscous.

          - Fonio is fast, it cooks in just five minutes.

          - Versatility? Check. Use it anywhere you would other grains like quinoa, rice, or couscous: grain bowls, salads, pilafs, veggie patties, smoothies, croquettes and fritters, stuffed peppers… even desserts.

          - Fonio is naturally gluten-free and contains no allergens.

          - Fonio is nutritious. It is low-calorie, low-glycemic index, and contains high levels of essential amino acids necessary for hair, skin, and bone growth.

          - Yolélé is mission driven. By creating a sustainable, fair trade global commercial market for fonio, Yolélé’s goal is to increase incomes for farmers and transform the economy of rural West Africa.

          - Fonio is good for the planet. It’s cultivation combats the effects of climate change in the quickly desertifying region where it grows. Fonio growth prevents erosion and plants nutrients in the soil.


Yolélé fonio: it’s the ancient new thing.


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