Baldor Curbs Plastic Water Bottle Consumption

Baldor Curbs Plastic Water Bottle Consumption

Delaney Sondag Jun 21 , 2018

Only 23 percent of the plastic water bottles we consume are recycled. The other 77 percent are left to accumulate in landfills or end up polluting our oceans. Not recycling plastic water bottles is a detriment to the environment and a waste of valuable resources. The 38 billion water bottles that don’t get recycled equates to approximately $1 billion worth of plastic.

At Baldor, we are committed to doing our part to address our nation’s insatiable desire for bottled water. To curb our company’s consumption of disposable plastic water bottles, we installed five water bottle refill stations throughout our offices. These refill stations offer our employees a convenient alternative to bottled water that is both filtered and free!  

Since the installation of our refill stations, we’ve seen a steady decline in plastic bottles consumed. In two months, we prevented 31,977 disposable water bottles from entering the waste stream. Many of our employees have already made the switch to reusable water bottles. In keeping with this initiative, we gave each employee a Baldor logoed stainless steel water bottle at this year’s Annual Sales Meeting.

Gaining control of our company’s bottled water usage is an important part of Baldor Green’s ongoing effort to reduce our consumption of single use products. In addition to encouraging our employees to bring their own reusable water bottle to work, we provided each employee with a Baldor coffee mug. We went from going through hundreds of disposable coffee cups a day to completely eliminating the use of these cups in our office kitchenettes. Little things can certainly go a long way when it comes to reducing our company’s waste production.


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